The Basics of good coffee making are - a fresh roast coffee, freshly ground, clean water, and clean coffee making machinery.

At Island coffee we suggest that you use the freshest coffee possible so buy enough coffee for the week not the month. We provide fresh roast beans in kilo and 250 gram bags depending on your needs. Keep your beans stored it in an air tight container in a cool place (not the Freezer!).

At island coffee, we roast our beans medium to medium dark roast to bring out the maximum flavour. We roast every day so you can be sure the beans you buy from us are the freshest.

How finely you grind the coffee depends on the equipment you are making the coffee with. Every machine from espresso machine to cafetiere has its optimum grind so read the manufacturers recommendations and experiment with different grades. The coffee grind can be best controlled in a burr grinder. But hey if the coffee's fresh and the machinery is clean you will still get a great cup of plunger coffee with your blade grinder, just don't grind the coffee too fine.

We can also also provide medium and espresso ground coffee as required. Whatever your coffee needs we work with you so let us know if you have any special requirements.